Just had my 6kW solar system installed by clean power co and could not be happier. I'd like to thank Ange for the deal he put together for me on my system which was at least $1500 cheaper than anyone else I spoke to. I'd also like to thank Ross who did a great job, very professional on actually installing my system, Thanks guys. I am also confident that should anything happen they will be there to help us out.

Michael Hogarth Huntingdale, Vic

I would like to commend clean power co on the recent solar installation at my home. Sam provided me with no nonsense advice, prompt & clear documentation and a very fair price. The installation crew Cam and Elliot were a pleasure to deal with & the product quality appears to be of a high standard. Hopefully no warranty claims down the track, but I am confident if there is I will be looked after. The service to date and follow up calls after installation have been appreciated.

As a retired sparky I had a keen interest in the technical aspects of the installation as well as the quality of the products & installation workmanship. I can report all is satisfactory. The whole experience was completely painless and all the staff were a pleasure to deal with.

Frank Tooradin, Vic

I Bought a micro inverter system off these guys roughly a year ago and couldn't be happier. The whole process was very easy start to finish, and I found Frank to be very helpful, brutally honest and not full of BS like the vast majority of solar installers who use cheap sales tactics.

The work conducted was of a very good standard and the price was by far the best around for what I received. I'd recommend these guys if you’re looking to install solar, so would the Mrs. I believe she enjoyed her day off watching the lads install the system most of all.

Shane Nutsen Seabrook, Vic

Awesome job. Great Value, punctual, great customer service. Glad I made the right decision to go with you guys. Electrical work was neat and tidy. From my initial phone call asking for a quote to install was not even 2 weeks. The wife was particularly impressed with the 2 strapping lads that did the install!

Andy Growford Keysborough, Vic

I was lucky enough to find Ange from clean power co who has been excellent from start to finish with our solar system. He recommended a system that will pay for itself in approx 24 months and we are currently on track. I don't usually give reviews but felt that the great service I received needed to be complimented. I wouldn't hesitate to refer Ange to anyone considering taking control of their future power bills. Do it today while there are still some rebates available!

Rowan Cochrane

We never really looked into solar before, the energy specialist explained and showed us carefully and we couldn’t believe we were paying more to our power bills per month then what our payment plan was on solar! The installation was swift, clean and i was connected with in a week. The after care service was top notch! Will and have already recommended to a few neighbours in the street

Jason Cunnington Manor Lakes

I installed my 5kw system in December 2016, I have had a few so called solar specialists visit me in the past promising that my $650 3 month electricity bill was going to be $0 after i installed the system. That made me very sceptical. However when the bloke from Clean Power Co came he was upfront, honest and very knowledgeable! He straight out told me what my bills should and will be providing i utilise my system the right way, Now i run the pool pump during the day, the missus does all the housework during the day and they set me up with a retailer thats now giving me 14 cents per kw i feed into the grid, so i’m pretty happy! And i did get my first monthly bill and my total during that summer period was $42.26 for the month! Not bad when i used to pay $200 per month minimum.

Paulo Cimino Kings Park, Vic

Picked a Fronius inverter, Sun Power Panels and I’m wrapped! These guys had every system under the sun on show, pardon the pun! But I was happy they acted like a one stop shop for me in my solar research. Most other companies i researched only offered me “they’re own famous brand” with dicey warranties and guarantees. I'm pretty impressed.

Patricia & Robert Martin Eaglemont

Brilliant! quick, affordable, and very good service, I will be more then pleased to recommend these guys to friends and family!

Josh Borg Taylors Lakes

“Very pleased with the professional and caring service James provided to us, we are delighted with our investment and look forward to saving thousands of dollars avoiding these dreadful energy costs! A job well done, thank you!”

Harry & Lucy Caplan

“Installed a 10kw for my shed and I’m smashing over 45kw hours per day, this is brilliant. My last bill came in from Simply energy with a $27 supply charge, that's it! Fair to say we’re pretty pleased!!”

Jerry Horton

“You guys are brilliant, unlike some friends I have that had their system installed the company just installed them so quickly and left them for dead, you guys really took full care of my needs even after the system was installed, I can see the pride you boys take in your work!  A big thank you to Steven who came out after we installed our system and set up our monitoring systems to our phones, now I can see what I’m producing from the touch of my phone! Couldn’t be happier with all the help you provided me. 5 stars!”

Terry Harrop

“Good service, neat and professional work, and terrific aftercare.  I was very happy.  I had always been sceptical about solar in the past but when you deal with a professional company that knows what they are on about I was pleased to see there was nothing to worry about.  My summer bill hasn’t even touched the sides!  Cop that Origin!! Thanks again”

Peter & Janette Foster