A residential or commercial investment into solar power can reduce your carbon footprint by tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per annum, while providing significant savings on existing electricity costs.

By generating electricity from solar power, users reduce the amount of electricity they need to purchase from their power provider. Any excess ‘green’ energy produced by the system will be sold back to the power provider, which provides substantial savings.

Additionally, solar units can increase both the energy rating and the value of the property.

Some of the key benefits of solar power include:

Environmental – By reducing the country’s dependency on coal-generated electricity, the demand on water supplies used to generate the electricity decreases. As of 2013, 130 billion litres of drinking water is used to generate coal-based electricity each year. As a clean energy alternative, solar power does not contribute to global warming, acid rain, or smog.

Financial – In addition to the savings on electricity bills due to the nature of ‘green’ energy solar power users are also relatively risk free from constantly rising electricity costs. A March 2015 report by the Energy Users Association of Australia concluded that Australians are paying close to the highest electricity prices in the world.

Low maintenance – As solar power panels have no moving parts, they require extremely little maintenance in comparison to traditional power solutions. Clean Power Co offers its customers an industry-leading maintenance program that includes in-depth servicing by Clean Energy Council (CEC) technicians.