Clean Power Co is a supplier, installer and maintainer of premium quality solar electric (PV) systems for homes & businesses across Australia wide. Our brands all have Australian office bases so there is a piece of mind our customers have that they have more than one option if need be.

Created by long term partners whom share a mutual passion for renewable energy. They started their journey after working for a number of today’s leading solar companies starting as far back as 2009. With their combined experience they saw a vision that is firmly establishing its place in the solar power industry by providing an exceptional level of concierge style customer service and above average industry standard warranties to residential and Commercial markets.

Clean Power Co prides itself on making solar power accessible to all Australians by making its inception to completion power solutions simple, affordable and dependable to all consumers. Clean Power Co installs an average of 3,000,000 watts of solar each year. Clean Power Co guarantees and backs every system installed with a commitment to its performance and durability. We are always on the look out for new innovative ideas within the industry.

The Clean Power Co team comprises experienced solar power professionals with in depth knowledge of all Australian solar conditions through industry and climate experience. This allows us to have the ability to custom design a solar power solution to fit any residential or commercial requirements and in turn generate them increasing savings year after year.

All of Clean Power Co’s licensed installers & designers are accredited by the Clean Energy Council (CEC), which provides customers peace of mind knowing that they have undergone extensive professional training and follow the industry standard. All our installers carry their certifications with them at all installations.

Clean Power Co is 100 per cent committed to looking after its growing customer base.